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Creating a Hefty Stream of Income From a Small Investment

When people flirt with the idea of making a living from their investment, they usually figure that they will need $200K or 500K in order to create a decent stream of income. This might be true at a 3% annual rate. However, if you take a little portion of your money – and I mean a very little portion – and start to manage it yourself, you could quickly turn a small investment into a small fortune.

Three Reasons Why the Rich Don’t Gamble – It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Do you think Donald Trump will ever be poor? The answer is no. If you took everything Donald Trump has right now away, he will have it all back in 10 years.

How to Fix Your Finances!

Negative cashflow is the last thing anyone wants, especially in the current economic climate, however for many it is a real and pressing issue that needs to be addressed. The problem is that often those who find themselves in this position have for years been conditioning themselves to ignore their financial problems, pretending that they don’t exist, and even spend more money to make themselves feel better rather than dwell on or better deal with their immediate problem. The good news is that it’s not all your fault.

What to Do Now to Prosper and Thrive (Instead of Just Survive) During the Recession!

The fact of the matter is the Irish can and will survive this recession, and any other one that’s thrown at us ever. The Irish are survivors, fighters and as the saying goes, tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Wealth Creation Begins With Mindset

Have you ever wonder why some people use to have it all? Most us will just shrug it off, thinking it’s just a stroke of luck coupled with a touch of envy. Majority of the population are being conditioned by the notion that if we succeed in college our future will be promised with job securities hence a secured future.

The Master Key to Unlocking the Doors of Wealth

One of the things we have to constantly remind clients and prospects to do on their wealth journey is to employ discipline. Many times they approach us with the plea of “Just tell me where to put my money!” Listen people, it’s not about just pointing you somewhere to dump your money.

The Journey to Riches Starts With These Seven Steps

Everyone want to be rich. But the road to riches starts with baby steps and each step builds to the next to get you where you want to be. Follow these seven steps to accumulate wealth and preserve it.

The Method and Practice For Acquiring and Accumulating Wealth

One of the most sought after, lusted for, and coveted thing in all of history is money. One may argue that love or lust is even more popular, but when you add the qualifying words: “love of money,” it once again wins, hands down.

Wealth – Your Gateway to Gigantic Freedom!

Knowing how to make money work for you is a large part of financial wealth. Do you know how to manage your personal finances properly? This does not mean knowing how to balance your check book; that is only a very small part of managing finances properly.

Government Grants List

Grant money is the amount of money that is requested to be paid to certain individual or business house or non-profit organization. Funds are many a time required to complete the intended task which may have been left uncompleted due to shortage of funds. In such cases grant money is better choice than bank loans.

How to Make Money in a Deep Recession

The U.S. based National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) defines a recession as “a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, affecting personal income, employment, industrial production, and sales.” In a severe recession, almost all aspects of the economy suffers.

10 Habits of Extremely Wealthy People!

In my career, as a big event promoter I’ve met a lot of wealthy, and extremely wealthy people and would like to share the ten most common traits that I’ve noticed in the people who have become most financially successful, so that you can begin your journey to becoming Ireland’s next Millionaire. They make decisions – they don’t talk about it, they decide either way and move ahead.

4 Ways to Jump-Start Your Business Finances

With all the stories about a struggling economy, it’s easy to wonder what to do in difficult times. The news may be flooded with economic uncertainty but there is a move across the nation that is being led by the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s right. The self-employed are showing, by example, how to respond to the global financial shift. Want to experience financial growth? Below are four ways to help you produce uncommon growth in today’s market.

7 Tips to Help You Escape the Rat Race

There are a lot of important things you could do to escape the rat race, but I have give you seven that come to the forefront of my mind. This should be a good starting point for the ambitious wealth builder.

Passive Income Sources – Setting Proper Expectations For Your Passive Income Sources

There are many passive income sources that can make you very wealthy. However, in the age of the Internet, many people are lead to believe that there are passive income sources that can be achieved with virtually no investment or time commitment. We have all seen the advertisement that says – You will earn $5,000 in your first week. No prior experience necessary. These advertisements appeal to people’s greed and almost never work.

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