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How to Set Up a Hassle Free, Workable Home Budget!

One of the key aspects of creating a successful financial plan for a year is to establish a workable home budget that deals with your expenses, manages your debt and also builds your savings at the same time! A home budget can be defined as a plan that pre-determines your spending goals, spread over a certain period of time.

What’s the Difference Between The Federal Reserve and The US Treasury Department?

Most of us know the heads of these organizations: Ben Bernanke as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve (Alan Greenspan being his predecessor) and Timothy Geithner as the Secretary of the Treasury (Henry “Hank” Paulson being his predecessor). But it’s not always obvious how each of them is functioning.

Bonds Part 2: What Else Affects Price Movements?

In the previous article on bonds (“Part 1”) I gave an analogy to help readers understand how bond prices can move based on how the interest rate environment changes. Let’s go back to that hypothetical bank lobby where we’ll pretend that you can buy and sell CDs to illustrate how other things can affect bond prices.

Emini Futures Trading Explained

The Emini futures is basically an electronically traded futures. This was started in September 1997 to attract the investors who were not trading into trading index futures.

I Need Money For College Fast

It’s tough paying for tuition while studying in college. It’s today’s reality though. Tuition fee is rising while the jobs available for college students becoming more scarce.

So Much for the End of the World

As I write this, the Dow and S&P 500 just closed out very close to another post-Financial Crisis peak (if you can pretend for a second that the Financial Crisis is over). The S&P 500 needs another 14.61% and the Dow needs another 8.7% and each will be setting all time record prices. Not only that…

A Few Ways to Earn Extra Money Part Time

The concept of extra cash is practically nonexistent. However, many people have taken matters into their own hands a found creative ways to earn extra money part-time.

Why Does It Feel Like My Own Expenses Are Going Up Faster Than Inflation?

Last year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation was 3%, but many of us feel that things have gotten far more expensive. I feel that there are three reasons for this…

Bonds Part 1: The Difference Between Price and Yield

The way the media reports day to day bond market activity can be confusing. The reason is…

Annuities Part 2: An Example of How to Use Annuities in Retirement

As I had said in the previous installment of this series on annuities, when used well an annuity can be a life saver. About five years ago…

The Bond Rating System

The bond rating system can be confusing because there are three separate but similar systems of rating bonds. We all hear of “AAA” rated bonds, and then know…

Financial Management Unique to Baby Boomers

Boomers are in a tough spot. They’ve had two of the most severe stock market declines in the past 80 years and now they are in an investing environment with fixed income rates (such as on CDs or savings bonds) that haven’t been this low in their lifetimes.

The Top Financial Predators In Life

Finally, discover your financial predators that can make you broke and poor. Find out how you can avoid them for life. This is all about knowing your opponent when it comes to money. Learn how you can control your money and be the master of it, not the other way around.

Why Buy Karatbar Gold

Instability is the word that best describes the global economy at the moment, as we seem to be teetering on the edge of a cliff, and a single push will lead to a free fall. The results will not be pretty as entire countries will go bankrupt and their paper currencies will plummet. However, gold, which is the only true currency, will always maintain its intrinsic value. That is why everyone should consider hedging their assets with gold.

Municipal Bonds 101

A common way that people have the chance to earn a tax free rate of return is through municipal bonds. This is different than a tax deferred investment, which enables you to pay the taxes down the road such as when you sell it or when you start taking withdrawals (like with a Traditional IRA).

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